Image by Abuzar Xheikh


Elevating women through photography


The Nasim Digital Art Therapy Program (NDATP) was founded to help women survivors of gender-based violence heal and be transformed through the therapeutic practice of photography. Phototherapy includes not only taking photos but posing for photos, viewing photos, planning photos as well as imagining and remembering photos. It also includes reflection and discussion for deeper healing. 


Every woman has her own story but not all have the opportunity to share that story. Therefore, the mission of the Nasim Digital Art Therapy Program is to elevate women through photography. Monthly-themed workshops give survivors of gender-based violence a chance to give voice to their story, showcase what the world looks like from their lens and heal from the impacts of the violence. By giving women the opportunity to use their lens to share their own stories, they are not only healing but elevating.  

Who is the program named after?

I named the program after my mera Jung Ju , mera ami, Nasim, my warrior mother


Special thanks to

Ellyn Uram Kaschak Social Justice Institute for Women and Girls for funding my program. This initiative would not have been possible without the fellowship.

Image by Khadija Yousaf