How did the Empowerment Photography Project impact the eight women who participated in it?

"The Empowerment Photography Project was a really good initiative. Some of the women never thought they could take these kinds of photos because they never had the resources. It gave them an opportunity to see their strength and inner skills. The women usually don’t have much to do so the Empowerment Photography Project was a good therapeutic experience for them to do something that means something. It helped them depict true emotions and experiences in a very positive way.” 

- Sameen Naseem, Program Manager at Dastak Charitable Trust


Resident 1: 

“I really enjoyed the Digital Art Therapy. I never used a camera before. I never had the chance to buy one for myself. Dastak provided me with this great opportunity where I learned how to use the camera and take pictures.” 

Resident 2: 

“This therapy workshop provided me with a great opportunity to explore the talent I never knew I had. I was able to take so many beautiful pictures and was so happy to see those picture printed and framed and displayed on a wall. I would love to be a part of such amazing therapy workshops again.”


Resident 3: 


“I took a lot of pictures of my children. They’re my strength. When I came to Dastak I was hopeless and devastated. This therapy workshop made me forget about my worries for a while and I felt so strong when I was asked to give the title to the pictures I took. I am really excited to see my work getting published.” 

Residents 4: 

“When I was asked to take the pictures of the things that depicted my strengths and resilience I was not sure what was I going to do. But after I held the camera in my hand I felt really empowered. I used to look forward to that part of the day when Ms. Sameen would hand us over the cameras. I would love to be a part of such workshops and looking forward to seeing my work getting published on the website.” 

Resident 5: 

“I used to love taking pictures before coming to Dastak with my phone. But I always took pictures of myself and my friends/ family etc. After taking pictures from the camera that Dastak provided me during the Digital Art Therapy I discovered this talent that I can become a professional photographer. Now I want to excel this skill and become a professional photographer. 

I realized that I used to ignore the beautiful things in my surroundings and never had the chance to observe the beauty of nature and other things. It was a real mood booster. “

Resident 6: 

“It was a good experience for me. I was really depressed because I had nothing to look forward to during my day. But through this therapy workshop I was able to express my emotions in a positive way. I now look at many objects and feel that I should capture them through camera lens.  These kinds of therapy workshops should be conducted more often. “