Hello! My name is Sarah Samson and I am the founder of the Nasim Digital Art Therapy Program. My mother, my superhero, is a survivor of domestic violence. For a big part of her life, she didn’t live, but instead survived to make it to the next day. Three years after I was born in America, my mother was able to get out of the terrible situation she was in for more than a decade in Pakistan. She knew it would be a daunting journey since she knew little about America due to being locked behind doors. Yet she managed to create a new life for us both where we could live and not survive. My superhero mother challenged toxic masculinity through her survival and through her independence in raising me without a man by her side. She has been the inspiration for my passion for women’s and girls’ rights. 


When I was a little girl, I remember going to fun events with my mother in a women’s shelter where we were living after she escaped her abusive husband (my father). We’d make jewelry, play games or engage in other activities that would get our minds off of our current situation. It was a great way to connect with others, learn something new, relax and leave with something tangible. Every week, I’d look forward to these events because I’d finally see my mother take a deep breath and enjoy the moment rather than focusing on the next thing on her to-do list. I want to be able to give that same feeling to other women survivors of gender-based violence. I think it’s especially important right now during COVID-19, when many women and their children are stuck inside the shelter with limited things to do. Therefore, I created the Nasim Digital Art Therapy program in order to give women survivors a space to share their stories and experiences from their lens while healing from the transformational benefits of digital art therapy.